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Our Story


It all started one random Friday night in our favorite hangout spot, our home away from home, in 76 Juan Luna. 76 is our common ground, an everybody-welcome open house, second home to three generations of good life-long friendships but most importantly our family. In October 2019, over dinner at the 76 round table, a group of six long-time friends who have basically seen each other go, grow and glow through life's various stages, came up with one brilliant idea. Being a bunch of 30 year olds who enjoy spending Friday nights eating out, watching Netflix and drinking *good* coffee on a round table, this has become a weekend staple in our very hectic day jobs and life schedules. Each coming from a different background in fast moving industries, with one living his dreams as a chopper pilot, another making the rounds across the country working in a big construction company, an IT professional in a well renowned multinational company, a motivated and hardworking banker working his way up to success, and the only girl, a creative who is into the arts and runs a humble online business, we never thought in a million years that we would all get together and be involved in the food and beverage industry. Yet here we are, a group of friends with a common interest, to share our love for good coffee, delicious food and life-long friendships.


Our first branch was set to open in the second quarter of 2020 in the bustling CBD of Makati. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic hit our country and opening our doors had to be put on hold temporarily. With the fast paced lifestyle of Manila in mind, we will be opening our friendly local coffee shop (when all systems say go), CAFE\SEVENTYSIX,  the perfect pit-stop for coffee and tea lovers alike, seeking wake-me-uppers throughout the day. May it be before or after work, pre or post workout, or just simply as accompaniment to their day to day errands or retail therapy. Not only will we be serving top-notch quality coffee, everything we do is visually appealing (and yes, very instagram worthy!) from the clean scandinavian interior aesthetic, superb hospitable customer service, very instagrammable packaging and everything in between. Our goal here is simple. To provide great tasting value-for-money coffee beverages and take you away from your busy day-to-day with our homey, hip and eye-catching branding and interior design, a place you can also call your own, the same way we do at 76. Let us welcome you to our second home, common ground, our family and let every iced coffee, hazelnut latte, macchiato, iced tea and craft soda soothe your soul and take part in your everyday picture-perfect lifestyle, without sacrificing quality.


With 76 being an everybody-welcome open house, everyone is welcome at CAFE\SEVENTYSIX. Here, we see the young 20-something fresh graduate corporate employee running to his first day at work, the 30-something housewife off to sweat it out in yoga class, the 25-year-old budding entrepreneur planning for his first pitch, the 26-year old backpacker off to his next destination, the 19-year-old college kid who needs to stay up for thesis, the 23-year-old law school student going through mountains of books studying for the bar, the 20-year-old Instagram ambassador whose goal is to share the world through her lens or the newly turned senior citizen who just needed a cup of coffee and the daily newspaper to jumpstart his day. Everybody who is working to climb not only the ladder of success but also working their way up through life, who seeks a break from their everyday lives and have some sense of enjoyment from their fast moving lifestyles. This is exactly what we are and have at the heart of our home, our common ground, 76.