Our Story

In late 2019, a group of friends randomly came up with the "crazy idea" to open up a coffee shop. Who would've though we'd all take it seriously? The rest was history.

We were set to start construction on our café, a small quaint space in Legaspi Village, Makati, in March 2020 when COVID-19 happened and locked was enforced on the day right before signing (A blessing in disguise? Maybe.) April arrived and the pandemic situations worsened. Leaving us on a standstill -- not knowing how to restart or where to begin. Deep inside, we knew, we needed to do something -- even if it meant turning our home dining room into a full barista kitchen.

 It was a stressful time. Things had to be discussed, huge adjustments had to be made, and we finally had to come to a decision and it was to push: To serve good coffee to our frontliners, people who need it most. In two months, over a thousand bottles were donated -- not only to doctors but also to medical staff, security guards, healthcare workers, and the PH coast guards -- all working sleepless nights to control a raging pandemic. All as a form of gratitude for their selfless dedication and hardware during a crazy, crazy time.

Slowly, word spread and soon, family, friends and friends of friends wanted to help out and give Cafe Seventy Six a try. Instantly, we launched a website, set up a system and proceeded with operating purely online and offering our coffee for pick-up and delivery (also have to mention, having to walk or bike to the village gate each and every time to give the orders to the riders ◡̈) -- the perfect scenario for everyone craving for a good coffee during a lockdown. And this is where it all began. 

Fast forward to a year later, we celebrated our first year as Cafe Seventy Six -- expanding our menu from only 6 items to now over 20, adding two very loyal and hardworking boys to our team, launching our in-house delivery motorbike, and finally, putting up our own HQ, a pantry, office and pick-up point which was finished in May 2021. Looking back, the road to Cafe Seventy Six was all worth it. Quite a bumpy one -- not easy but definitely one for the books. A "crazy" adventure for a group of childhood friends living the same "crazy" dream, we wouldn't have it any other way ◡̈